Why We Do It

We outline five different reasons


“Rivers do not drink their own water; trees do not eat their own fruit; the sun does not shine on itself, and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature. We are all born to help each other. No matter how difficult it is…Life is good when you are happy; but much better when others are happy because of you.”

-Pope Francis

1. We believe in education

  • Education is considered as the foundation of most things. The impact of formal education on one’s life cannot be overemphasized.  Education improves the lives of people as well as their participation in the development of societies throughout the world. This belief is universal.

A. “Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

    • Kofi Anan:  Ghanaian diplomat and Secretary-General of the United Nations

B.Education is the surest way of empowering people, accelerating development and alleviating poverty.”

  • Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia:  Vice President of Ghana (2017 – Present)
  • At the 2022 National Muslim Conference (NMC) in Ghana

Antwi Mensah And Family Foundation’s goal is to contribute positively to the educational journeys of the school children of the Ejisu R/C school and the surrounding schools.

2. We want to give back

  • The Ejisu Roman Catholic School is the alma mater of the co-chairs, Ghana associates, as well as the consultant.  Furthermore, Mr. T.K. Mensah, father, and grandfather of some leaders of the Foundation, was a Headmaster of the Middle school in the nineteen–sixties.
  • The thought of giving something back to the school has been with the co-chairpersons for many years; hence, it is gratifying to see that vision being translated into action.

3. We want to create an attractive school environment.

  • Our first project is constructing modern toilet and washroom facilities in two buildings strategically located on the school campus and will accommodate the washroom needs of the 1,000 (One Thousand) students, educators and staff.  Based on the current state of the washroom facilities, some school children are forced to go outside the school campus during classes to use paid public washrooms or washrooms in the neighboring community.  This interruption results in unintended losses of valuable coursework.  This project, and others like it, should also improve future enrollment into the school.

4. We want to encourage others to follow suit

  • Over its 90-year history, the Ejisu Roman Catholic School has graduated countless professionally successful Ghanaians who may be found in all walks of life in Ghana and throughout the world.
  • We hope this Washroom project will catch the attention of a few of the above individuals and move them to donate/volunteer their time, talent and treasure (money) to positively impact their alma mater.
  • This will also set an example for the current students at the school to give back to the school and make a difference in the lives of future students, when they are one day successful themselves.

5. It is our duty, and it is rewarding and fulfilling 

  • Our parents instilled in us that we should always do good to help others, but should not expect anything back, since the rewards will come from God.  This has been our guiding principle, although we do get the acknowledgement and appreciation in many instances.
  • This act of giving back to the Ejisu Roman Catholic school is genuinely rewarding and fulfilling to all of us in the Foundation.  We hope others who donate to the Foundation or do similar projects for the school will find it equally rewarding and fulfilling.
  • All the above have been beautifully summarized by Pope Francis in his “Living for others is a rule of nature” massage quoted at the beginning of this section.

How We Operate

  • The foundation is registered in both the USA and Ghana
    • In the USA as: 501(c)(3) Foundation (a non-profit public charity)
      • Donors in the USA can make tax-free donations to the Foundation.
  • Incorporated in Ghana as a Foundation, LBG (Limited by Guarantee).

The Foundation is headquartered in the USA; however, its charitable projects are all executed in Ghana.  The USA office is primarily for administrative initiatives and fundraising activities, whereas the office in Ghana is mostly for project planning and execution.

Projects are initiated by the Board but are finalized with input from the Ghana Associates and the corresponding stakeholders in Ghana.

Funds for projects come mostly from charitable contributions.

Pertinent Foundation Documents

The Antwi Mensah And Family Foundation is:

A Federal Government 501(c)(3) non-profit Charitable organization in the United States of America

Incorporated in the State of Minnesota

Incorporated in Ghana as an LBG Foundation


The Foundation has a constitution which guides its operations.

Additional information can be found in the documents attached below.