The New Washroom Project

Ejisu Roman Catholic School

Meetings with Stakeholders

Several meetings (approx. 8) were held with interested parties over the period:  School officials, Church officials, Education and Municipality officers and Community leaders.

March 2019 – August 2022

Approvals and Demolitions

The Foundation received permission from the MCE (Municipal Chief Executive) to demolish unwanted structures and begin the construction of the Ultra-modern Washrooms

July 2022

Ultra-Modern Washroom Design

The TEKSAP VENTURES Architectural company, led by Architect Michael Dwomor Sarpong, designed the two Washrooms according to the design criteria generated by the Foundation and the Stakeholders

January 2022 – August 2022

The Sod Cutting Activity

Ground-breaking ceremony was held at the Ejisu Roman Catholic School with students, teachers, church officials, Municipality & Education officials, Community leaders and the community at large

August 5, 2022

The Sub-Structure Construction Activity

The construction began with the foundation and the septic tanks – all the below-ground structures.

August 29, – Oct. 15, 2022

The Block Work to Roof Level Activity

The outer shell and the inner divisions needing blockwork have been constructed all the way to the roof level.  

Oct. 15 – Nov. 15 2022

The New Mechanized Borehole (Well) Construction

The Rotary Club’s Mechanized Borehole (Well) currently on the R/C school campus has been the source of water for the Kindergarten Washroom (w/c toilets, urinals, sinks and shower).  However, primarily due to distance and accessibility, a new mechanized borehole (well) will be constructed to supply water to the Primary & JHS Building (w/c toilets, urinals and sinks)

December, 2022

The Roofing and Plastering Activity

  1. Both the wooden structure and the roofing sheets will be applied.
  2. Plastering of the concrete blocks will be completed
Mid: Nov 2022 - Mid: March 2023

The Fitting of Windows & Doors Activity

  • The appropriate outside and interior doors & windows will be fitted
Mid: February 2023 – Mid: April 2023

The Tiling Activity

All inside walls and floors will be tiled (except for the Office)

Mid: April 2023 – Mid: May 2023

Plumbing and Electricals Activity

Includes:  1) Connections to Water Tower and drainage to the Septic tanks, 2) Lights and 3) Wall-mounted Exhaust Fans

Mid: April 2023 – Mid: June 2023

Water Tower Construction

One Tower will be constructed for each of the washrooms (KG & P+JHS), to carry a polyethylene storage tank.  Water from the underground wells (boreholes) will be pumped into the storage tanks to provide water pressure (by gravity) for the W/C toilets, sinks, urinals and shower

Mid: June 2023 – Mid: July 2023

Painting Activity

Painting will be done mostly on the outside of the buildings (most interior walls will be tiled).  Only the office (in the P&JHS building interior) will be painted.

Mid: July 2023 – Mid: August 2023

Ceiling & Internal Fittings Activity

Water Closet toilets, urinals, sinks, shower stall, light fixtures, exhaust fans and ceiling panels will go in at this stage

Mid: August 2023 – September 30th, 2023

The Commissioning Activity

Both Washroom facilities will be checked for functionality, per the design criteria, and turned over to the School, the Ejisu St. Anthony Roman Catholic Parish and the Municipality.

October 2023 – November 2023