Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”

Oprah Winfrey:   A USA media mogul, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.


The New Washroom Project at the Ejisu Roman Catholic School is the first project being undertaken by the Antwi Mensah And Family Foundation (AMAFF).

It is a 2-Building Ultra-Modern Washroom facility with a total of 16 Water Closet Stalls and associated convenient features:

  1. A KG Building – For Nursery (Pre-K and Kindergarten) students, their teachers, and staff – 5 Stalls
  2. A P&JHS Building – Primary and Junior High School students, their teachers, and staff – 11 Stalls

Water for the W/C’s and Sinks is pumped from underground wells (mechanized boreholes).

  • Future Projects – Ejisu R/C School

Staying true to its motto of Enhancing the Educational Experience, the Foundation will embark on new projects upon the completion of the New Washroom project.  Specific projects will be selected and prioritized with the appropriate school-affiliated stakeholders

Potential Future Projects

  1. Improving the overall appearance of the school grounds
  2. Upgrading of school infrastructure (buildings, soccer field, new chairs and tables)
  3. Computer and Science lab

The History of the Ejisu Roman Catholic School

With 27 pupils at its founding in the 1930’s, the Ejisu St. Anthony Roman Catholic School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana currently boasts of a population close to 1000. The school which started as a primary unit only, and now has a pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High/Secondary School, has educated a wide variety of pupils who have made, and continue to make a difference in Ghana and around the world. Dr. Kofi Mensah and his wife Mrs. Akua Mensah, founding members of the Antwi Mensah and Family Foundation, are alumni of the school.

The current administration of the Ejisu Roman Catholic School includes:

  • Mr. Peter Adom Agyemang – Headmaster, Junior High School
  • Ms. Bernadette N. Votere – Headmistress, Primary School and KG
  • Ms. Christina Owusu – Nominal Head of KG
  • Rev. Fr. Stephen Asante Bakor – St. Anthony Parish Priest and Local Manager of Ejisu R/C School


School SectionNo. of StudentsNo. of Female Teachers & StaffNo. of Male Teachers & StaffComments
Nursery (Pre-K and Kindergarten – KG)20080
Primary School300110
Junior High School (JHS)3691118Includes 8 National Service (Attachment) teachers

Total Population on School Campus = 920